Golf Team Stretches Their Minds and Bodies

Written by Logan Jones

The Concordia University of Wisconsin golf team began off-site yoga classes as part of their practice routine this fall and have continued them this spring.

Before the fall season, head coach Greg Nikolai was approached by a captain from the men’s and women’s golf team about adding yoga to the team’s practice schedule. Nikolai supported the idea and received permission from athletic director Rob Barnhill to enroll the team in a few classes.

“In the fall we only did three sessions, and in the spring we have done five. Going forward, I would look to increase that even more,” Nikolai said.

According to Nikolai, getting the team in better overall physical condition was one of his main goals when he was hired as the full-time head coach two years ago.

“I didn’t want to focus just on running and weightlifting, but also the core muscles needed to create and execute a better, more repeatable, and stronger golf swing, and yoga is one of the best methods for that,” Nikolai said.

Not everyone has been excited about attending yoga class, notably CUW Team No. 1 Sam Schlosser.

“I had heard very good things about yoga and the peacefulness you were supposed to feel. My first session was harsh though and I left the studio with no energy and soreness in every joint in my body,” Schlosser said.

While yoga may not have been what Schlosser expected, he does recognize its possible upside.

“The more I do yoga, the easier it is becoming. Yoga definitely isn’t my favorite thing, but I do think that it can be beneficial for the game of golf,” Schlosser said.

According to Nikolai, although the team has experienced improvements, only time will tell the full benefits that yoga can provide.


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