Spring Drama Class to Perform American Classic

Written by Grant Thiel.

The cast and crew of the CUW spring drama, “Our Town”, are eager to perform a play considered to be an American classic later this month.

Written by playwright Thornton Wilder, “Our Town” is set in a fictional American small town during the early 1900s. Director Glenna Gustin suggested the play to Professor Lori Woodall because of its clear message and its opportunities for various actors. She said the play is unique because it focuses on daily life.

“Wilder is trying to show the simplicity of daily living and the underlying foundation of what is eternal in human life,” Gustin said.

The cast has been rehearsing four times a week and will continue to work hard until the performance dates. Gustin said the actors continue to gain perspective into their characters as they rehearse.

“The challenge has been to strive to understand the relationships between the people. Wilder doesn’t write in each character’s emotions, so the actor must figure out what they would be thinking and feeling. Every rehearsal they teach me something new about the play,” Gustin said.

Wilder decided to write “Our Town” in the style of metatheatre, a style that makes the audience feel part of the production. According to Gustin, the depth of each character’s emotions contributes to the audience’s experience.

“The play makes the audience wonder ‘what’s up with that character?'” Gustin said.

Senior Erin Kline will play the role of Professor Willard in the play. She has been a part of other CUW productions, including this year’s children’s show “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. According to Kline, “Our Town” stands out as particularly interesting because of its simple nature.

“It really makes a person think about how valuable and precious life is. There are almost no props or set in the show, so it really is as simple as it can be,” Kline said.

“Our Town” runs April 26-29. Ticket information and show times can be obtained by contacting Professor Woodall at lori.woodall@cuw.edu.

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