Academic Advising Aids in Scheduling

Written by Tyler Schellinger

As the spring semester comes to a close, students’ time to sign up for classes is here.

Since March 20, students have had access to the online forum to select and schedule classes for fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters. Students are allowed to complete this process on their own. However, this procedure is more streamlined and structured with academic advisors’ help.

According to the Concordia University Wisconsin Academic Advising job description handout, part of an academic advisor’s job is to help, “Guide students through the process of formulating and implementing their academic goals.”

They are available to help assist current and incoming students to register for classes and establish a reasonable course layout plan to meet all the requirements for graduation.

Academic Advisor for the School of Arts and Sciences Dana McCullough helps students in as many ways as she can. She enjoys working with students, “as well as supporting them academically to be successful,” McCullough said.

Seeking help from Academic Advising can play a major role in a student’s overall experience on campus.

“We just have a lot of energy and support them and make them feel welcome and encourage them to be successful, as well as really help them find their way,” McCullough said.

The office staff is equipped with access to the computer system and a sense of the overall programs being offered. They can help plan out the best time to take “general eds” as opposed to a possible desired elective only offered every two years. The advising team works with students to provide the best education possible.

“I think it’s incredibly valuable to come,” McCullough said. Even if it’s “just to learn how to navigate the system and walk through the steps with you, just to make sure you’re in the right classes.”

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