CUW’s 3rd Annual Skit Night Review

The 2018 Skit Night recently took place at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW).

For the 3rd consecutive year, CUW’s Skit Night was a huge success. The Todd Wehr Auditorium held over 300 students in attendance to see CUW’s Residence Life, Faith Associates, and Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) all join together to put on a show.

Sebastian Leck, a senior at CUW, has attended Skit Night since its start, and this year was no different.

“This year was awesome! I think this was probably the funniest one yet, and it was definitely worth the long wait time to get in,” Leck said.

Not every student shared Leck’s opinion about the long line. CUW sophomore Tyler Hottmann felt differently.

“The lines were crazy man. They were at least a half mile long, and it was mayhem trying to get in,” Hottmann said.

Several performers from Skit Night illustrated CUW’s mission statement which states, “CUW is a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world”.

Faith Associates informed students of resources such as the Learning Resource Center while CMLT informed students of the available bible study groups that take place on campus.

“I had no idea how many bible studies were around campus to attend. I might end up attending one at some point just to check it out,” Hottmann said.

CUW students considered the 2018 Skit Night to be a success while already anticipating next year’s event.

Written by Israel Mitchell.

Categories: Student Life

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