Sodexo Makes Changes

Sodexo makes changes to the dining options for students and staff at Concordia University Wisconsin.

According to Sodexo’s website, they have taken away and added certain food services on campus.

Siebert Dining Hall now has new stations and new hours.

“We extended our hours to meet the needs of our student athletes, night classes, and other activities,” Angela Jensen, general manager of food services said.

The dining hall is now open until 7:30 at night with new additions such as the Mediterranean Bar and an International Station. The International Station will serve food from various countries around the world.

This change is due to John Chitko, a new executive chef. Chitko says that his goal is “to bring better quality of food, more variety, more ethnic inspired food, and using the freshest food available.”

One addition on campus to bring fresh food to students is the Farmer’s Fridge.

The Farmer’s Fridge is located by the Landing, now known as “Craft it at the Landing.” Sodexo will come to CUW each day to restock with new fresh food. Any leftovers from the previous day is donated to food pantries.

Another campus addition is the Serenade Machine, which is located in the Library. This allows students to purchase Starbucks’ coffee, tea, and hot chocolate any time the library is open.

“The road we are trying to go down is high-end self-service,” Jensen said.

The Falcon’s Nest also experienced change this year. Farmer’s Field is a new addition to the stations, which replaced Slice of Life. Farmer’s Field offers salad choices with more options.

Sodexo’s website states that they are, “choosing from an array of fresh, local whenever possible produce.”

Sodexo is always looking for student feedback and new ideas. Jensen shared that students missed the meatball sandwiches in the Landing, which will now be coming back.

If students have any concerns or comments for Sodexo, they are encouraged to fill out a comment card at any of the Sodexo service stations.

Written by Jennifer Sheridan.

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

2 replies

  1. Me and many others very much miss the pasta bar. I understand Phill is gone so we may not have a pasta chef, but it was a staple food of the caf. There would be long lines at the pasta bar because most people loved the pasta bar. It was a go to item in the caf. I am not requesting for the medeterranoan bar to be taken away or even to have pasta every day, but having a pasta bar open again in the caf at least some days would be greatly appreciated


  2. Please bring back the option to have a 4 inch sandwich in the landing. For me and many students, the 8 inch is too big and me and my friends most of the time find ourselves eating half and throwing out the other half because it is too much. It would be nice to have the option to have 4 inches instead of the whole 8 for waste purposes. I do not want to have to get more food that I can eat. I do not want to have to keep buying sandwiches from the landing knowing that I will have to throw half out. What a waste. Please bring back 4 inches


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