Philosophy Club Restarting

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Philosophy Club will be resuming again for the 2018-2019 academic year after taking a break for the past few semesters.

Philosophers on campus will soon have a restored Student Government Association (SGA) chartered forum to openly think and discuss their ideas. Sophomore philosophy major Michael Ewert has collected the signatures needed to restart the club, and is now finalizing paperwork.

“So far everything has been pretty smooth. The most difficult part will now be rewriting the constitution,” Ewert said.

While Ewert is still drafting the constitution, a combination of the input of others and his own ideas, he has already thought of many activities for the club.

“Some ideas I have for the club are having great texts, in which we choose a book or great text of philosophy and then we’ll read it and discuss it. Another idea is having discussions around movies. Philosophy club would show a movie, and then once the movie is completed we’ll have discussions on them,” Ewert said.

Along with plans to focus on film philosophy, including movies from Niche and Marvel, Ewert also has plans for some informal discourse.

“Of course we will have meetings in which we will discuss philosophical ideas or different parts of just philosophy that may be relevant to the college student. Certainly ethics would be an applicable subject,” Ewert said,

CUW student Matthew Kaiser, who is triple majoring in accounting, finance, and management, is excited for these activities to start.

“I am very eager for these events to start taking place. I am ready to bring out my inner Aristotle and show it to everyone,” Kaiser said.

Once the constitution is finished and the club is approved by SGA, it will be added to the list of just under 70 clubs and organizations on campus. Ewert extends an invitation to all CUW students to join philosophy club. Majoring in philosophy or having any prior background on the subject is not required.

To join or learn more about Philosophy Club, you can contact Ewert at

Written by Luke Otten.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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