CUW “Takes Back the Night”

On September 24, for three hours, Concordia University Wisconsin students, staff, and athletes held an event to raise awareness for sexual violence.

“Take Back the Night” “supports the mission of ending sexual violence in all forms raising awareness, and supporting survivors.”

Dr. Tracey Tuffey’s psychology classes helped plan and lead the event as a service project. CUW junior Ethan Karschnik was part of one of the classes that helped with this event.

“The amount of preparation that goes into an event involving sexual abuse is monumental,” Karschnik said, “For CUW’s “Take Back the Night”, coordinators went above and beyond to bring these relevant messages to every student on campus. In my mind, the single most effective method of spreading awareness of this event was the statistics posted around the school. These were posted on silhouettes that were eye-catching and thought-provoking.”

Posters were just the beginning, as preparation for the actual event took numerous hours.

“In terms of the actual event, there were rehearsed skits, speeches, and a testimony from a nationally recognized victim of sexual abuse,” Karschnik said.

“Take Back the Night” made an emotional impact on students, faculty, and guests.

“In the week following the event, I have heard numerous students and faculty talking about the information that surprised them and the testimonies that saddened them. The topic of sexual abuse is always relevant, and reinstating important facts helps people to better talk about it in the future,” Karschnik said.

Although the psychology classes played a major role in preparing and conducting this event, it took contributions from the entire CUW community to make this event a success.

“I saw numerous professors advertising the event, students hanging up t-shirts, and community members asking about it. Everyone played a crucial part in the success of the night,” Karschnik said.

The event also featured emotional testimonies from victims of sexual and domestic violence.

In an article on CUW’s blog, Katie Koestner, executive director of the national “Take Back the Night” effort said, “If not for a few hours of my life, I would not be here with you.”

For more information about the foundation and to learn how you can help, visit their website by clicking here.

Written by Annalise Jasiniski.

Categories: Community, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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