On-Campus Ice Rink Addition

Concordia University Wisconsin is creating an outdoor ice rink on-campus between the Wittenberg residence halls.

The addition of the ice rink will allow students to enjoy a popular winter activity without ever having to leave campus.

“It’s pretty exciting and I think a lot of students will enjoy it,” CUW senior Nick Mohlman said. “I just wish it was developed a couple years earlier so I could have enjoyed it.”

Along with the student body, the CUW men’s and women’s hockey teams will take full advantage of this new campus addition. 

“I think our team can benefit a lot from the convenience of an on-campus ice rink,” CUW men’s hockey player Cory Dennis said.

While the addition of the ice rink will be beneficial for both CUW hockey teams, they do not have sole custody of the rink, as their home games will continue to take place at the Ozaukee Ice Center

“There are some limitations that come with Ozaukee being our home ice. Our team is given a certain amount of ice time that we have to practice in and we all wish we could have more. This on-campus rink will allow us to train without taking up any ice time,” Dennis said. 

While all the rules of the rink will be posted at its opening, shooting pucks and any type of physical contact will be strictly prohibited while on the ice. Due to the location of the rink, there is high-risk of individuals getting injured and windows being destroyed. CUW aims to keep the rink both a safe and fun environment for its students. 

Construction of the ice rink is already underway. For more information on the rink itself and its grand unveiling, visit CUW’s Upcoming Events page of their website and CUW’s Twitter account for updates. 

Written by Joe Tidaback.

Categories: Community, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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