PRPS Brings CUW a New Musical Experience

Student-founded band Punk Rock Pre Sems looks to bring a new and unique musical style and positive message to Concordia University Wisconsin.

The Punk Rock Pre Sems, known as PRPS, was founded by three Concordia University Wisconsin Pre-Seminary students- Noah Bauknecht, Daniel Brummet, and Joseph Bender. According to Brummet, the band has already come a long way from where it began.

“We originally got together just to jam out without the intent of forming an actual band. However, it was fun. Punk rock is fun, and we wanted to bring Concordia a different style of music,” Brummet said.

The musicians’ mutual love for punk rock and Jesus gave the band its image. According to guitarist Noah Bauknecht, the band’s name is representative of the message they hope to share with those who hear them.

“Our name’s acronym acts as a symbol for our personal purposes for being together. Us three are all working on giving the good news of Christ to everyone we come across, and that’s our purpose for the rest of our lives,” Bauknecht said.

The band performed a few shows between this past spring and fall, playing at Stomp the Courtyard twice. According to Bauknecht, their most important moment came when the band opened for Nashville rockers Remedy Drive during the week of homecoming.

“When we heard that Remedy Drive was coming to campus, Daniel and I looked at each other and said, ‘We need to open for them,’” Bauknecht said.

The theme of the night was raising awareness for human trafficking and PRPS was excited to partake in that cause.

“Remedy Drive had their whole message be about how they can fight the human trafficking overseas. We were more than happy to help assist them in portraying that,” Bauknecht said.

According to Brummet, the entire band looks back on opening for Remedy Drive as one of the best experiences the band has had together.

“It rocked. It was fun. It was electrifying. And I think we all would agree that we would do it again in a heartbeat,” Brummet said.

PRPS is already looking forward to the opportunity to perform again. Watch for PRPS performance dates and times by staying up to date with the CUW Upcoming Events page! 

Written by Grant Thiel.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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