The Power of Professors

The professors at Concordia University Wisconsin serve as educators, mentors, and leaders for their students each day.

Carly Upmann, a sophomore at CUW, is double majoring in early childhood education and special education.

“I want to be a good role model and provide all the love they need by being a good teacher,” Upmann said. “When kids get asked about their elementary school experience and they get asked ‘who was their favorite teacher?’ I want them to say me.”

Upmann’s goal is to work in an urban environment with a diverse classroom. She is looking forward to helping students who come from disadvantaged or “broken” families.

“I want to be super positive and loving because not every kid gets that at home,” Upmann said.

Through her education, her experience of teaching swim lessons and her time working in a day care, Upmann feels that working with younger children is a perfect match for her.

Upmann believes that a fast-paced and engaging classroom with structure and discipline is the best way to educate young students. She aims to focus on reading and writing but also life skills.

“I want to teach them how to be good people and how to be kind,” Upmann said. “I want to engage them and make them excited to learn and interact with their friends.”

Although educating at different levels, elementary school teachers and college professors have the same goal of helping students to succeed in both their personal lives and professional careers.

“It’s very fulfilling to help students get their dream jobs and also to see them become well rounded individuals,” Mark Wolf, a communications professor at CUW for over 24 years, said.

Wolf has taught many successful students throughout his time at Concordia. He has helped students to achieve their success through not only teaching, but also urging them to make connections and explore different career paths.

No matter what level they teach at, educators aim to make an impact on the lives of their students. If you are interested in becoming a future educator yourself, click here

Written by Alex Loding.

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