Spring Break at CUW

Spring break 2019 has arrived at Concordia University Wisconsin to give students and faculty a week-long break.

While everyone seems to be overflowing with excitement for the week off, is spring break truly beneficial for students?

According to CUW senior Marisa Stahl, the week helps students to recuperate from the rigor of college life.

“People start to crash about halfway through the semester with overwhelming feelings towards homework and studying. I think as a busy student, not having class for a week helps with my mental health,” Stahl said.

According to CUW senior and golf team member Jake Tenlen, having the entire week off also offers opportunities to students who live far away from Concordia.

“For the students that live farther away from campus, they have an opportunity to travel back home for a significant amount of time and spend time with family,” Tenlen said.

Some students feel as though the week is not a total break from their studies, as assignments are still due and preparation for the following weeks is necessary.

“I think some professors view break as a time for us to get assignments done, rather than actually relax and stay away from the textbooks,” Stahl said.

Tenlen feels similarly about how much of a break the week truly is.

“I would say that the break is about half-relaxing and half-catching up on schoolwork,” Tenlen said.

Many Concordia student-athletes, like Tenlen, will be spending the break with their respective teams traveling to warmer climates to get a head start on the season.

“The golf team will be taking a trip to Kentucky for about a week and playing golf every day. One of the rounds will be a competitive tournament against another school on Wednesday,” Tenlen said.

Many other students will be traveling to spend time with friends or family.

“I will be spending spring break in Florida with my group of friends,” Stahl said.

No matter how the break is spent, there is no doubt that it is a week filled with excitement, and one that students and faculty alike look forward to each year.

Written by Logan Jones.

Categories: Community, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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