Lacrosse Teams Span the Country

Over spring break, the women’s lacrosse team traveled to Oregon and the men’s lacrosse team traveled to New York.

Both Concordia teams take spring break trips to play against teams they wouldn’t normally face and experience different parts of the country. Their goal is to win while gaining valuable game experience.

“We always play teams outside of our region,” Emily Schoessow, head women’s lacrosse coach at Concordia, said. “It helps us see how we stack up nationally and gives us a look at different styles of play.”

Both CUW lacrosse teams have faced some highly competitive teams around the country. In the past, the women have traveled to Texas, Tennessee, Florida and South Carolina. The men have traveled to Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, New York, Kentucky, and Colorado.

“It’s good because it is different competition and teams we haven’t played before,” Michael Fahey, head men’s lacrosse coach at Concordia, said. “The guys get to play against guys from different parts of the country and that’s big for our team.”

Other than experiencing different levels of play, these spring break trips serve as an opportunity for team building.

“A week away from school and guys spending a lot of time together, I think that helps down the road to help finish out conference play,” Fahey said. “Building up our team culture as much as we can for the second half of the season is important.”

The spring break trips also serve as a way for the teams to bond off the field. The men’s team visited Niagara Falls and attended an NHL game while the women’s team visited Multnomah Falls in northwest Oregon.

“We hope to do a lot in the way of team bonding on the trip; shared meals, extracurricular activities and time together in general will help with cohesion and hopefully translate onto the field,” Schoessow said.

While these trips serve as an important starting point, team building will hopefully continue throughout the season.

“We are hoping to keep building on our team strengths and developing as a unit,” Schoessow said.

Another reason the lacrosse teams take these trips are due to Wisconsin’s challenging and inconsistent weather. Traveling to warmer climates gives the teams a chance to finally practice and play outside.

“Spring training is a very traditional part of lacrosse, just like other sports that play during this season,” Schoessow said. “[Spring break] is a guaranteed week of getting to play and practice outside to prepare for conference play.”

Men’s lacrosse will face Brockport University and Medaille College in Buffalo, New York. Women’s lacrosse will take on Pomona-Pitzer College and George Fox University while visiting Oregon. For game updates and final scores, visit the Concordia Falcons website by clicking here.

Written by Alex Loding.

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