Mequon Election Coverage: Students’ Relationship with Mequon

Students at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) are evaluating their relationship with the city of Mequon in preparation for the upcoming mayoral election.

On April 2, voters will have the opportunity to choose Mequon’s new mayor. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. The ballot will contain candidates Brian Schneider and John Wirth.

Tyler Oestreich, a CUW commuter student, is choosing not to vote in the Mequon election. He has chosen not to involve himself in the community throughout the four years he’s been at CUW.

“I won’t be voting in the Mequon election because I’ll be voting instead in Slinger’s election, where I’m from,” Oestreich said. “If I had to vote in Mequon I would feel knowledgeable enough to vote but I’m choosing not to.”

Oestreich feels that both CUW and the city of Mequon could do more to encourage students to vote. He thinks that Concordia professors could provide the most help in rallying students.

“Concordia professors could encourage students to get out and vote for this Mequon election. They could post things around campus that could get individuals to come out and vote,” Oestreich said.

Jacob Berg, a CUW resident student, feels he does not have a relationship with Mequon and will not be voting. In the past, Berg has not involved himself in any community activities and doesn’t feel that he needs to start now.

According to Berg, there are many schools that have a great relationship with their surrounding community, but Concordia isn’t one of them.

“I feel that if you go to a bigger school, like UW-Madison, there is a better relationship between the students and the city,” Berg said.

Berg believes that if Mequon communicated more with Concordia students, they would feel more inclined to get involved within the community. Since students don’t feel connected, they would rather vote in their own hometown elections.

“I feel that Mequon does not care to involve Concordia students in the election. I have not gotten an email about voting in the upcoming election at all,” Berg said.

To learn more about Mequon’s upcoming election and candidates, click here.

Written by Gabby Tolfa.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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