CUW Parking Poses Problems

At Concordia University Wisconsin students are already facing parking problems for the 2019-2020 academic school year.

For students settling into their first week of classes, getting a parking pass is one of the many tasks on their agendas. While some students easily got their designated parking passes, others did not.

Any student that plans to park a car on campus, whether overnight or just for the day, must register their car online for a parking pass. Based off credit status, students will be assigned to either structure parking or surface parking. After students register online, they must then pick up the actual parking pass from Campus Safety.

Jonah McGinnis, a senior at Concordia, went to pick up his designated parking pass the first week of school and ran into an unexpected issue.

“I applied online for a surface parking pass, since I have plenty of credits, and when I went to pick it up, Campus Safety stated that they were out of surface parking and could only give me a structure parking pass,” McGinnis said.

Surface parking is viewed as a privilege because of its close proximity to the buildings. That is why those spots are only given to students that are above 90 credits, most usually seniors. So when McGinnis went to pick up his surface parking pass that he already purchased, he was not expecting to hear that he would have to spend his senior year parking in the structure.

McGinnis wasn’t the only student who had issues with parking. Many other students who were assigned surface parking were also declined due to lack of spots.

Katie Pellettiere, a senior who had originally been declined surface parking, contacted Campus Safety about the issue in order to finally get the right pass.

“I had to fight about it though,” Pellettiere said, “I sent a pretty strong email to Campus Safety.”

Written by Hannah Gillrup.

Categories: Administration, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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