CUW Announces Women’s Wrestling

Concordia University Wisconsin announced the addition of women’s wrestling to their athletic programs on Sept. 18, 2019.

CUW’s Athletic Department is one of the main points of attraction for many prospective students. Dedicated coaches put in their time and energy to see that each student-athlete walks away from Concordia as a better athlete and a stronger Christian. This new addition expands the total amount of athletic programs at Concordia to 33 sports.

“We’ve had several distinct sports added to our athletic repertoire in the past few years and we look forward to diversifying it even more with women’s wrestling,” Athletic Director Dr. Rob Barnhill said.

More recent additions to the athletic department include men’s volleyball, women’s club shooting, and women’s hockey. CUW has been actively searching for ways to be more inclusive of their diverse student body when it comes to athletics.

“It’s been a conscious effort in recent years to ensure that we are adding sports that can include more of our student population,” Barnhill said.

One difference between women’s wrestling and other CUW athletic teams is that it will not be a NCAA sponsored sport. Instead, it will be headed under the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA). WCWA serves as the governing body for all women’s wrestling teams at the collegiate level.

“Women’s wrestling is a very quickly growing sport among high schools, and the Concordia Athletic Department wanted to be able to couple that inclusion with a Christian education,” Barnhill said.

While it may be a rapidly growing sport among high schools, women’s wrestling has yet to become prominent in the collegiate athletic scene. CUW is only the 63rd higher education institution to host a women’s wrestling program in the United States.

A head coach has not yet been chosen, but the hiring process is currently underway. Tryouts and practices for the team will begin during the 2020-21 school year.

To find out more information, contact Dr. Rob Barnhill at

Written by Cecelia Milner.

Categories: Athletics, Student Life

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