Will CUW Remain a Dry Campus?

Concordia University Wisconsin has been a dry campus since its start, but students are now wondering if the policies on alcohol will be changing in the near future.

With alcohol being one of the top policies that are broken, some students believe that if Concordia wasn’t a dry campus, it may reduce the amount of violations as well as the chances of drunk driving.

If any large change were to happen to the institution, it would have to first go through the Dean of Students, Dr. Steven Gerner, who believes that the campus’ decision to remain a dry one is something that will not change.

“We are probably one of the safest colleges in the country and I think that being a dry campus is important for that,” Gerner said.

Gerner believes that being a dry campus benefits both our school and our neighboring Mequon community. He also believes that the students and staff appreciate CUW being a dry campus, even if it’s not something that is popular to admit.

“It’s almost like the students are fierce about wanting to have their safe community, they don’t like the idea of others ruining it for them, so they will give anonymous tips about alcohol, drugs, or other bad things,” Gerner said.

Gerner also points out that while policy violations due to drinking are a problem, they are not currently Concordia’s main issue to tackle. Instead, CUW is choosing to focus on the mental health of its students.

“In fact, in five years every year we are going down in conduct numbers. What’s happening is conduct is going down and mental health is this thing that is sky- rocketing,” Gerner said.

Concordia must look into the needs of its students to maintain a safe environment. The efforts of the institution should not be focused on turning Concordia into a wet campus, rather it should focus on the larger issue at hand, which is mental health.

Becoming a campus that allows drinking would not enhance the experience or community of Concordia, it has more opportunities to harm than help. That is why Concordia will continue to enforce the no alcohol policy.

Written by Hannah Gillrup.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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