CUW Korean Club

Korean Club officially began Nov. 4 at Concordia University Wisconsin and is now open to all students.

CUW students Emily Cahak and Heewon Oh are the club’s founders. The club took about a month to organize and plan in accordance with Student Government Association. It will focus on Korean culture and meeting new people, as well as spreading awareness about international students.

“We started Korean club to share Korean culture, including the food, music, history, language, and holidays, and entertainment. We wanted a club for Koreans and all those interested in Korean culture for us to come together,” Cahak said.

CUW already has a few multicultural organizations that allow international students to teach others about their culture. These multicultural clubs consist of German Club, Ni Hao Chinese Club, Spanish Club and now Korean Club.

“This club is important to us because it provides representation and awareness for the Korean culture and students on campus,” Oh said. “It helps with the involvement of the students on campus and feeling a sense of community rather than just another international student from a foreign country. It joins together students who are interested and love the culture with those that are from and part it.”

The club will provide various activities for its members, such as tasting Korean food, watching Korean movies, Kpop karaoke, learning Korean language and celebrating Korean holidays like Chuseok, New Year and Hangul Day. While these fun activities will help foster connections among its members, the founders hope that ultimately the club promotes diversity.

“Our message is experience diversity. Within the club itself, there is a very diverse population of students from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures,” Cahak said.

Since the club started mid-semester, Cahak and Oh are eagerly spreading the word hoping students will still be willing to join. Korean Club will also provide information for interested students during International Education Week, beginning Nov. 12.

“Everyone is welcome to join and share in learning and enjoying the Korean culture,” Oh said.

For more information about Korean Club, visit the international center located in the Katherine. To see a list of other CUW clubs and organizations, click here.

Written by Hana Castillo.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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