Chapel Food Cart

Concordia University Wisconsin has opened a breakfast food cart outside of the campus chapel every Wednesday from 9:50 a.m. to 10:10 a.m.

The food cart contains two main breakfast items, a wrap containing eggs, vegetables, and cheese, and a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.

Either item can be purchased using cash, credit, or Falcon Points. Students can choose either the biscuit or wrap along with a piece of fruit and a juice or water for one meal swipe.

The chapel food cart’s trial run began on Nov. 6. The most popular item on the first day was the breakfast biscuit. Angela Jensen, General Manager of Sodexo at CUW, said the success of the food cart will be determined with a couple more trial runs.

“Time will tell. We will need to monitor the progress of the cart,” Jensen said. “We will need to assess the success of the sales versus the labor to set up, making the product, and the amount of waste after the fact.”

The chapel food cart idea came from a group service project in Professor Randall Ferguson’s Servant Leadership class. One of the students that met with Jensen about this idea was Concordia senior, Gina Cuccio. She said the idea behind this was to help with the lines in the Dining Hall during breakfast hours.

“The cart helps eliminate this problem because students can get their breakfast and get to class quicker instead of having to wait in lines,” Cuccio said.

If the chapel food cart sticks around it will be the sixth different dining option for students at Concordia. Although the cart has not been advertised much, Cuccio thinks its popularity will grow.

“It’s just a matter of spreading the word about it. I can absolutely see the food cart being a long-term solution for the after chapel breakfast rush,” Cuccio said.

Written by Christian Dufresne.

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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