Change Within the Campus Activities Board

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) no longer has a Coordinator of Student Activities, as of Nov. 1.

Devan Lenz, the recent Coordinator of Student Activities for CAB, has transitioned to become an Academic and Career Advisor within Concordia University Wisconsin’s Mequon Campus.

According to sophomore Communications Coordinator for CAB Megan Haller, all five members of the CAB Executive Team have been stepping up in their roles as leaders, especially junior Executive Coordinator Sarah Deheck.

“A lot of questions will come to me as the Executive Coordinator and I really like that, it helps keep me in the loop with everything that’s going on, but overall I think we’re doing okay, there’s a lot more responsibility on the Exec Members but I think we can handle it,” Deheck said.

According to the CUW App, the goal of CAB is to plan various fun and exciting events for students during their time at CUW. Although experiencing these administrative changes, they continue with their mission.

According to Lenz, the CAB Office was always bustling with activity and positive energy, creating a great environment she enjoyed working in and a sense of family. Even though she has left the organization to pursue a new opportunity, she is very proud of what they have done.

“They’re rocking it. I really think that our team and the teams over the past four years that I’ve been part of have worked so incredibly hard to make CAB a solid, reliable system, that works, it’s a machine,” Lenz said. “There are roles, responsibilities, timelines, and documentations that exist, and the students that are in it are so passionate about it that they’re not going to let it fail.”

According to Deheck, the search for a new Coordinator of Student Activities has been going fairly well, as they have had over 40 applicants so far.

“Devan led the team so well, we always felt like a family in my opinion, and we were always able to be productive but still get to know each other and build that connection and build those relationships that are going to last us for a long time,” Deheck said.

Even though the CAB Executive Team has lost a member, they will continue working to create fun and memorable events for students.

“I think just finishing our events off strong and still having success even without a supervisor and still putting 100 percent effort towards our events and everything, is what’s in store for CAB’s future,” Haller said.

To view all upcoming CAB events, visit the CUW App or click here.

Written by Kimberly Navarrete.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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