The Role of The Falcon’s Nest

The Falcon’s Nest at Concordia University Wisconsin is more than just another dining location for students.

Popularly known as “The Nest,” the location allows students to meet to spend time with friends, order food or coffee, watch television, play games, and study.

The Nest includes private study rooms with a conference table and whiteboard. Although these rooms make The Nest a place to study, it also provides many forms of entertainment for students, including dart boards, arcade games and pool tables

“I lived on the campus for more than two years, and it’s a nice experience to live on the campus and meet with new people. The campus is located far from Milwaukee, and it is hard to go out sometimes especially if you do not have a car. So, I spend most of my free time at The Nest hanging out with friends,” student Mohammed Alharbi said.

The Nest is also a place where campus events are often held. Past events have included a MarioKart Tournament and Tunes Tuesday. These events help students to make new friends and enjoy some different forms of entertainment.

While all CUW students can appreciate The Nest, international students in particular find it to be a great place to meet new people and really immerse themselves in the culture through the food and atmosphere.

“As an international student I would say all of us are loyal to Concordia University and the community here, even after we graduate and go back home,” Alharbi said.

For more information on The Falcon’s Nest, including dining hours of operation, click here.

Written by Osama Alraes.

Categories: Student Life

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