LGBTQ+ Community and CUW

Concordia University Wisconsin encourages students to be who they are and reach their full potential while fostering diversity among its community, but the university may lack in support for its LGBTQ+ students.

“As of now, I think Concordia does not do anything in regards to the LGBTQ+ community,” E. G., a current CUW student, said.

Support may be limited to those part of the LGBTQ+ community and attending a Christian university like Concordia. However, some LGBTQ+ students feel comfortable confiding in some peers and professors.

“I was only out to close friends and to some professors that I felt close with,” J. T., a former CUW student, said.

Some of the required CORE classes can also be a struggle for LGBTQ+ students.

“Religion classes were difficult. It seemed as if they would teach that we should love all of God’s children, but it would stop there. There was not anything additional to actually make us feel like we were loved or welcome on campus if we were gay,” J. T. said.

The lack of any organizations or support groups dedicated solely to the LGBTQ+ community also may matter. Some WAICU colleges, including St. Norbert College and Carthage College, offer Gay-Straight-Alliances. These groups are student-run and serve as a safe place for LGBTQ+ students to connect in a safe and accepting environment.

“I would love to see a form of a Gay-Straight-Alliance at Concordia. However, I also understand why that would not happen,” J. T. said.

Others feel that a Gay-Straight-Alliance at CUW is not needed, but rather discussions regarding the subject in a positive light would be more beneficial.

“I do not think a special LGBTQ+ group or Gay-Straight-Alliance would be needed [at Concordia]. But it would be good to bring the subject to light in a positive way. Spread love and let those people know they are welcome and loved,” E. G. said.

While Concordia may not provide direct resources for LGBTQ+ students, the university is equipped with a counseling center that is devoted to listening and helping all students.

Written by Melissa Zimmer.

*Names have been changed to initials for privacy purposes.

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