CUW’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative

Concordia University Wisconsin is currently working on implementing resources for students facing  planned or unplanned pregnancy through their pledge with Students For Life America (SFL).

Over the past year, Concordia’s SFL organization has been putting together a resource guide for pregnant and parenting students.

“What sparked this was when we found out about the Pregnant on Campus Initiative from SFL America. It seemed like a good match for us and for the campus so we took the pledge,” Campus Ministry Leadership Team member and former CUW SFL representative Katherine Hovland said.

SFL completed the guide with the help of others. CUW SFL leader Bonnie Egger believes the resources found in the guide will help future mothers in many ways.

“For someone who has very little financial support from their family, the scholarships section and information on low-cost housing and baby items could be some of the most helpful information,” Egger said.

Although no statistics exists about the number of pregnant and parenting students, CUW does understand the situations exist.

“While Students for Life on campus does not condone premarital sex, we certainly want to do everything in our power to support a woman carrying a baby, no matter how that baby came to be,” Egger said.

A panel to introduce the guide will take place Feb. 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the Terrace Room. The panel will include personnel from the counseling department, Title IX, Student Success, and other departments. The event is open to all students and staff interested in learning about the guide.

“Pregnancy on campus is just something we don’t hear about. This guide is tailored especially to low-income students who find themselves in an, ‘Oh crap, what do I do?’ kind of situation. The guide reminds future mothers that the university has to find ways to accommodate a student when course work gets interrupted because of their pregnancy,” Hovland said.

For additional information about the Resource Guide for Pregnant and Parenting Students, click here.

Written by Melissa Zimmer.

Categories: Administration, Student Life

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