Importance of the Concordia International Center

The Concordia International Center (CIC) at Concordia University Wisconsin plays a large role in the experience international students have in this country.

Upon their arrival at Concordia, international students are first welcomed by those at the CIC. The students are then helped with potentially daunting tasks, such as housing, transportation, food, and entertainment.

“I was totally lost when I first arrived at the campus. I did not know where to go at my leisure time, and when I asked the people at the International Center they were already planning a fun activity for us during the weekend, where they took us to see the city, and introduce us to each other to create a family atmosphere,” international student Mohammed Alharbi said.

International students get to experience American culture first hand through fun activities planned by the CIC, such as trips to the mall or movie theater. They also teach international students how to visit nearby places on their own using local transportation systems.

The CIC is also equipped to handle any language barriers that may arise. International students that do not speak English are assisted by CIC student workers who also speak their native language.

Everyone working in the CIC has lived and/or studied abroad, so they understand how overwhelming it can be coming to a new country. One goal of the CIC is to not only welcome international students into the country, but into the CUW community, as well.

“I had a hard time in my first days in here I do not know much about the culture in here and I did not want to be rude to others, but they helped us to get engaged in the school community which helped us learn a lot about the American culture,” Alharbi said.

To learn more about the Concordia International Center or to view its new multi-language website, click here.

Written by Osama Alraes.

Categories: Community, Student Life

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