The Falcon’s Nest as an Athlete Recruitment Tool

The Falcon’s Nest at Concordia University Wisconsin is known for being a quick service dining option and popular hangout spot on campus, but it also serves as a powerful tool in prospective athlete recruitment.

“The Nest” offers meals and houses the C-store, CUW’s convenience store.

The Falcon’s Nest also has plenty of seating, private study rooms, and entertainment such as darts, televisions, pool tables. For these reasons, The Falcon’s Nest has become a go-to place for students to eat, study, and socialize.

One of the key places shown during campus tours is The Falcon’s Nest, which is important for athlete recruiting, according to CUW coaches and coordinators.

“When we are in The Nest on our tours, we tell them it’s a huge hangout spot for guys at any point in the day. Someone is always there that you know, it is a huge social area. The Nest also has recreational stuff like game nights. It is almost like a lounge for athletes and non-athletes,” CUW Football Graduate Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Ryan Cook said.

Although The Nest may be a helpful stop during these tours, a closer look will reveal that there are some maintenance issues.

“Socially, The Nest is a great place to meet up with the guys. Negatively, the equipment is not that good. The remotes are all missing batteries. The pool tables aren’t that good, the pockets always fall out. The pool sticks are all broken and do not have any tips,” student-athlete Isaiah Tenette said.

Despite these issues, recruiting coordinators and coaches alike will continue to use The Falcon’s Nest as a selling point for future Concordia athletes.

For more information regarding CUW athletic recruiting, click here.

To learn more about The Falcon’s Nest, including hours of operation, click here.

Written by Dwayne Rackard.

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