CUW’s Saturday Continental Breakfast Pilot Program

Sodexo at Concordia University Wisconsin is piloting a new six week program featuring Saturday morning continental breakfast for students from 9-11 a.m. in the Siebert Dining Hall.

After input from both CUW students and Student Government Association, Sodexo is working to accommodate the needs of its students by opening earlier on Saturday mornings. The menu for this early breakfast includes waffles, toast, bagels, cereal, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and fresh fruit.

“The whole purpose was to be able to support people who needed to be able to be somewhere before the 11 o’clock brunch time. Maybe they need to get to work or a practice and it is necessary to get something to eat,” General Manager for Sodexo Angela Jensen said.

While Sodexo is working to provide more alternative dining options, some students are still not able to find the time.

“I really enjoy having it open earlier even though I have not been able to utilize it because of work conflicts,” CUW junior Hannah Beyer said.

Sodexo also provides students with another dining alternative in the form of boxed meals. The new program that began last semester allows students to fill out a “boxed meal” form and then pick up their meals for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These forms are available at the register in Siebert Dining Hall or on Sodexo’s website.

The early continental breakfast program is only available for two more Saturday’s this semester. It is not yet known whether the program will become a full-time option next academic year.

“We are trying to see if it is going to be successful. My job is to meet your needs. So I will try to meet them, but it has to make sense for everyone,” Jensen said.

To view Siebert Dining Hall’s daily menu and hours, click here.

Written by Jennifer Sheridan.

Categories: Student Life

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