CUW’s E-Sports Team Brings the Competition

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Esports Team is eagerly looking forward to upcoming events after experiencing a promising start to their inaugural season.

The team of 16 has competed in four competitions since the program’s origin and have done well in each event. These events have included Fortnite, Rocket League, NHL, and Call of Duty.

Austin Lichtenstein, Austin Williams, and Noah Bauknecht are three of the team’s most active players. On Feb. 18, these three players competed as a team in the National Association of Collegiate Esports Fortnite Tournament. By the end of the evening, the trio had placed in the top 15 in the final two rounds.

“Esports is such a unique team because it is a form of competition that we have not seen on campus yet. I am very excited to see the things we accomplish as a team this season,” Bauknecht said.

A newer member to the team, Nathan Anderson, is looking forward to upcoming competitions, particularly one boasting a cash prize amounting to $5,000. If CUW wins this prize money, it will be used to purchase improved equipment.

“An upcoming tournament we have has the possibility of a substantial cash prize so I’m very much looking forward to that. More than that, I am excited to see how I can hone my skills in the weeks leading up to that competition. There is always room for growth and that rings true in this case, as well,” Anderson said.

Many members of the team have been playing their specific video game for at least five years. This has given them ample time to perfect their own individual strategies. In terms of his personal strategy, Anderson refuses to give away any secrets.

“I have a few tips and tricks that I follow, but none that others need to know. Mainly, I will just focus on the game and trust my instincts,” Anderson said.

The next Esports tournament will take place on March 2 against MSOE Red and Culver-Stockton College. For tournament recaps, as well as the official roster and schedule, click here.

Written by Cecelia Milner.

Categories: Athletics, Student Life

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