CUW’s New Visitor Center

Concordia University Wisconsin’s Admissions Department opened a new Visitor Center this semester in Luther Hall. 

The Admissions Department moved to the front of the school to make it easier for prospective families to find the Admissions Office. The Financial Aid, Registrar, and Cashier Offices all moved to the Admissions Department’s previous location.

Enrollment and Engagement Coordinator Amy Flavin believes this will provide the best visitor experience.

“Our old location in the middle of the school just posed a lot of problems for us,” Flavin said. “So there was an opportunity to refresh the look of the front entrance and it just made sense for best practices to bring the Admissions Office up there.”

The new Visitor Center includes a lounge area, a space for prospective students to meet with CUW Admission Counselors, and a new office space for employees of the Admissions Department.

CUW Student Ambassador Lydia Schultz believes the new location is more convenient for visitors. 

“It’s a lot more visible, so right away when guests enter our building they know right away that we are here to welcome them as guests,” Schultz said.

Along with the new location of the Visitor Center, there has been a new responsibility added to the Student Ambassador job called Visitor Hosting.

“We realized that having someone trapped behind a desk is very transactional by saying go here or go there,” Flavin said. “We wanted to free up that person so they are not tied up to a computer or phone and have the ability to mingle with prospective families.”

The Admissions Office has moved around a couple of times at Concordia. However, according to Flavin, it is going to remain in this location for a long time.

For more information about the Admissions Department, click here.

Written by Christian Dufresne.

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