Wisconsin Presidential Primary: Candidates’ Stances on Coronavirus

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the state, the Democratic candidates for President plan to combat the pandemic ahead of the April 7 Wisconsin presidential primary.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a multi-step plan to combat not only the spread of COVID-19, but also its negative impact on the economy. According to his official website, Biden believes that the government must spend whatever is necessary to meet public health needs and deal with the economic consequences as quickly as possible.

The Biden Plan will work to ensure a wide availability of free testing, lower medical costs for preventative care and treatment, and a development of a vaccine. The plan will also equip hospitals across the nation with the supplies, personnel, and resources necessary to combat this pandemic. Lastly, the plan calls for emergency paid leave for everyone affected by the outbreak. This includes giving necessary monetary assistance to workers, families, and small businesses.

Even while responding to this current national crisis, Biden emphasizes the importance of preparing for the next one. Biden will work to establish and manage a professional and sufficiently resourced public health and first responder system. This entails the increase of biomedical research, nationwide disease surveillance, rapid testing capacity, and an emergency budgeting authority.

The Biden Plan will work to combat not only the spread of COVID-19, but any future pandemics, as well. The plan will also rapidly provide medical and monetary assistance to those who need it.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders also has an emergency response plan in place to combat the spread COVID-19. According to his official website, Sanders believes that this pandemic is comparable to a major war in terms of lives lost and the economic impact. Therefore, the government must act accordingly to protect all citizens equally.

The first step in Sanders’ plan is empowering Medicare to lead health care response. This involves providing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with the necessary funding to provide emergency healthcare coverage for all, regardless of income or immigration status. Further steps include covering all COVID-19 healthcare treatment for free, increasing the health care capacity to handle an increase in cases, keeping healthcare workers safe, and ensuring federal funding parity for the territories and tribes for all healthcare relief programs.

The second step of the plan is establishing an Emergency Economic Crisis Finance Agency to manage the economic crisis that COVID-19 is creating. This includes keeping workers on payroll, providing $2,000 cash payments to every person for every month for the duration of this crisis, expanding unemployment insurance, guaranteeing that no one goes hungry, waiving all student loan payments for the duration of the crisis, constructing emergency shelters, and protecting farmers. Step three of Sanders’ plan is creating an Oversight Agency to fight corporate corruption and price-gouging. This agency will work to ensure that no one is profiting from the economic suffering that people are currently enduring.

Sanders’ plan will work to provide everyone with healthcare coverage during the spread of COVID-19. The plan will also provide everyone with monetary assistance during this time.

Despite growing concerns regarding COVID-19, the Wisconsin presidential primary is still expected to take place on April 7. However, some concerned voters are opting to cast their votes via absentee ballots. For all information regarding voting deadlines in Wisconsin, click here.

Written by Gina Cuccio.

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