Petition for Pass/Fail Grading for Spring Semester: Student Perspective

Concordia University Wisconsin students are circulating a petition requesting that administration implement a pass/fail grading system for the spring 2020 semester.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CUW made the decision to transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester. This shift in learning did not have a particularly large impact on some students who found they were already accustomed to attending classes virtually.

“Nothing really changed too much for me, a lot of my classes were only meeting once a week and had an online structure already,” CUW junior Christian Dufresne said.

Not all students share this same thought as many struggle to adapt to this new way of learning, such as CUW biomedical student Gatlin Volm. Science courses have been forced to take a hands-off approach to learning by shifting to matching, labeling, and describing pictures.

If Concordia were to implement this new grading system, they would not be the first university to do so. UW-Madison already has announced they would be adopting this new system for the semester. Some students feel this option would have benefits.

“The stress to achieve a good grade could subside and allow our focus to be fully on understanding, learning and completing the requirements of our courses,” Volm said.

The petition can be found by clicking here.

Written by Tyler Schellinger.

Categories: Student Life

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