Cancellation of Spring Sports at CUW

Concordia University Wisconsin student-athletes are facing an abrupt ending to their spring season after the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC) announced the cancellation.

Although this decision affects all athletes, seniors athletes see their college athletic career ending.

“I feel bad for everyone, especially our seniors,” CUW softball player Maria Dries said.

Many athletes expected a delay to their season once CUW announced the temporary suspension of in-person classes. However, even when the NACC announcement was made, many athletes were unable to process the news, like CUW senior tennis player Nathan Raskin.

“I knew once our spring break trip was canceled that we wouldn’t have a spring season, but I don’t think I was ready to hear the news that my senior year was going to end that way,” Raskin said.

This is a difficult time for many athletes as they work to process the news. Even so, many are choosing to adopt a positive attitude.

“You have to go with it and be as positive as you can be. It’s a bummer for all of us. Sports are a huge part of some lives,” Raskin said.

For more news regarding CUW athletics, click here.

Written by Brianna Heinen.

Categories: Athletics

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