Academic Resources for Students During Finals Week at CUW

As finals week at Concordia University Wisconsin rapidly approaches, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is utilizing alternative methods to continue to provide academic support for students.

Even though all classes have been moved online due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ARC is still making sure that students have access to academic help via virtual methods.

“The Academic Resource Center continues to offer access to all of our academic support services through Zoom or other alternative methods,” Jan Chapman, Director of the ARC and Accessibility Services, said.

One of the resources still being offered by the ARC is the writing center. CUW Writing Consultants are available as part of the Online Writing Lab to review papers or other written assignments. The math drop-in desk will also be available via TutorTrac for questions related to math in any CUW course with a math component.

For students, the transition to online classes has been an adjustment. There are both negative and positive components to this change in learning.

“Honestly, they have not been my favorite, but I have adjusted to it. Something I like about the Zoom classes is how we can still all see each other so it still feels like class. Something that I dislike about Zoom is how sometimes technical difficulties can happen,” CUW student Arianna Gunn said.

Students are experiencing many changes in their academic career and the ARC has adapted to cater to students’ academic needs during this time.

“As you prepare for final exams, or start planning for future semesters, remember that the ARC staff is available to support you,” Chapman said.

To view all of the resources offered by the ARC, click here.

Written by Natalie Beck.

Categories: Student Life

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