The university strives to be a COVID Conscious campus

The university has officially begun in person classes in the new world of COVID-19. Concordia is following the recommended guidelines of social distancing, wearing facemasks, and implementing mixed online and in-person classes. 

Senior Aaron Preston, believes Concordia is doing a great job so far, but admits there has been some confusing guidelines.

“I think CUW is doing a fantastic job of social distancing in the classrooms. However, I do feel there is still a need to improve how some things are conducted in the class as a hybrid setting,” Preston said.

Throughout campus, signs indicate the capacity of each room. One of the areas on campus where this is challenging are the three dining options on campus. 

Another obstacle for on campus dining is the limited hours. This has created crowds that do not meet social distancing standards. 

“I generally feel safe in the Nest when eating, based on how many people are around,” said Preston. “The limited hours this has created more problems with crowds in the Nest, Dining Hall, and Landing.”

This changes have been a learning process for everyone. Concordia Alumnus Asher Puls believes Concordia is taking the safety of everyone on campus seriously. 

“With the safety procedures I have seen from most other establishments and public facilities, CUW is taking the issue of the pandemic seriously,” said Puls. “They are showing concern for students.” 

After one week of students on campus, on August 28, Concordia Residence Life reported no positive cases have been at CUW. 

Written by Joe Peck

Categories: Administration, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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