The Haven revamps due to campus changes

The university’s contemporary Sunday evening service,The Haven, has reimagined its role respect to maintaining a COVID-conscious campus.

Instead of worship in the Terrace Room, the band sets up on the Chapel Courtyard steps every Sunday at 4pm. Students bring blankets to sit on the grass or set up hammocks in the trees surrounding the courtyard. 

Hannah Lull, one of the coordinators of The Haven, said that she has been pleasantly surprised by the turnout. 

“Being out in the Chapel Courtyard has been pretty great,” said Lull. “Quite a lot of people show up since it’s out in the open, not to mention we’re able to relax in God’s creation.”

Students enjoy lounging in their hammocks, listening to a great message and uplifting music, and they get to experience it with close friends.

The Haven decided to host its services outside (as long as the weather permitted) at the beginning of August. Rain and cold has yet been a factor. The only hiccup in the process so far has been the livestream. 

“Unfortunately, the livestream has been a little rough so far,” said Lull. “The WiFi is a little spotty so the connection sometimes dips in and out. Thankfully, the sound system has been working great for everyone that’s in-person.”

The Haven has played a major role in the university’s “uncommon” experience. Students and faculty anticipate and benefit from it. For Lull, it was one of the main reasons why she came to CUW. 

“I first came to Haven when I was in second grade,” said Lull. “My dad actually helped to start it. Since then, it has felt like home. I think of it like a gas station, where we get refueled with God’s love and grace. Shine the light, share the love.”

Written By Sophia Griffin

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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