New Campus Safety Director continues to serve campus during changes

Concordia’s new Director of Campus Safety Mike Stolte tries to maintain the welcoming atmosphere found on campus despite the changes due to the pandemic. 

The Campus Safety Office has the same goals as previous years, despite masked faces and physically distancing from one another.

The biggest change in the Campus Safety Office this year is staffing the front entrance of Concordia. 

“The guys really stepped up and picked up a bunch of extra hours to work out there to make sure there was somebody at the entrance,” Stolte said.

The staffing at the front entrance booth allows current and prospective students to be greeted with a friendly smile. Students have experienced the welcoming nature of Concordia’s campus safety officers, including a friendly smile, a concern for students, or an offer of a hot chocolate. 

Stolte said he has felt support especially from VP of Student Life Dr. Steve Taylor and Assistant Vice-President of Human Resources Kimberly Masenthin during this unprecedented time.

The entire staff of Concordia is supporting one another, encouraging each other, and working closely to solve any new issues or concerns that may arise.

Written by Nora Rudzinski

Categories: Administration, Community, Faculty and Staff

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