Senior track athlete perseveres through injuries, canceled season

Concordia’s 2019-2020 spring sports season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This affected many student-athletes, especially track & field senior, Paul Leahy.

For Leahy, his junior year track season included constant changes.  He was sidelined by a leg injury and began rehab and preparation to recover from the injury.  Shortly after Leahy sustained the leg injury, he and student-athletes around the country learned the NCAA spring sports season was canceled. 

These setbacks were a challenge for Leahy, but he did not lose focus of his goals for the upcoming season.

“My injuries have impacted me both negatively and positively,” said Leahy. “Sometimes it takes a toll because I can’t do anything. But, you have to get through it.” 

Along with the injury, Leahy also began the process of quarantine. He was without his teammates, finished the semester at home, and tried to stay motivated. 

Leahy learned that he was not going to be able to use the facilities at school, including the weight room, athletic training services, and the track. 

This was yet another setback in Leahy’s junior track season. However, he had a plan to continue his rehab and workouts. 

“I had my own weight set and would run on sidewalks instead of the track. I would use what I had,” Leahy said. 

The university has in-person instruction during the fall semester, and some sport seasons may resume with modifications.

“Our indoor season this year may be altered,” said Leahy. “It has no impact on my drive for this season.” 

Written By Emma Ebeling

Categories: Athletics, Student Life

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