Faculty and students continue to deal with teaching delivery changes due to COVID-19

Concordia University’s fall semester has changed because COVID-19, and a major change is how students are receiving their education. 

Concordia professors have always had their own methods for teaching their course. But COVID-19 has brought a technological changes, forcing both professors and students to use services such as Zoom, with little time to adapt.

The changes made in order to continue in-person education has resulted in more stress for students and instructors. 

“From a teaching perspective, I have observed more anxiety and confusion on the part of students. The changes are too much all at once and not within their control,” Department of Communication Chairperson Dr. Sarah Holtan said.

The university’s changes to teaching have sometimes resulted in learning how to navigate technology at the expense of course content. 

“Besides the obvious technological evolution, I spend more energy on the logistics of class. I respond to many, many, many emails each day answering questions regarding what students should be doing and how,” said Holtan. “This year the content of my classes has taken a backseat to the logistical and technical issues.”

Holtan’s experience may be similar to other faculty at the university. Students also will continue to need to adapt to the changes in teaching and take an active role in their education.

Written By Tyler Schellinger 

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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