Concordia’s mental health resources provide guidance for the campus community

Concordia maintenance housekeeper Allie Schulthess is an advocate for mental health and has encouraged and uplifted others using her campus position.

Schulthess has emphasized the simple importance of a friendly smile, community connection, and vulnerable discussions about mental health in the wake of the global pandemic.

“Concordia as a whole has been super supportive,” Schulthess said. “It’s definitely a place that you don’t see often in work, school, or personal life. You just don’t see a community like Concordia.”

Schulthess said the Counseling Center, the Campus Ministry Leadership Team, and “Light” (a women led bible study group on campus) have been influential in her faith journey and personal and emotional development.

The offices and leaders provided services to students remotely, showing support and compassion virtually.

Schulthess said that she strives to show the same support and compassion in her profession, especially as she works to earn a degree in Christian Counseling. 

Schulthess has spoken about her mental health and personal journey at several events. She stressed the importance of having an open conversation about mental health to reduce the stigma and allow people who have struggled to ask for help.

“If I can just touch someone in a positive way, that’s how my story changes. It changes from a negative to a positive,” she said.

To learn more about campus resources to strengthen faith and mental health, visit Concordia’s Campus Ministry Leadership Team  or Concordia’s Counseling Center

Written By Nora Rudzinski

Categories: Community, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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