Concordia Holds Fall Break Despite COVID-19

Concordia announced the fall recess from October 15-16 will occur, despite COVID-19, but the university is warning the campus community about the risks of traveling during the break.

The decision to hold fall break as scheduled, was determined after many meetings among Concordia University leaders. 

Coburg and Augsburg Director Kyle McCarragher said the decision to hold a mid semester break was not made lightly. Concordia leadership met daily to discuss the implications of academic breaks during a pandemic. 

“I had a meeting with some of the Resident Directors the other day about COVID-19 prevention in the dorms,” said McCarragher. “We had one of our campus doctors tell us about the protocols for containing COVID-19 cases especially after Fall Break.”

McCarragher said because of the small size of the Concordia campus, COVID-19 cases are easier to contain. The mask policies and limited outside visitors also have helped keep the number of cases at a minimum. 

According to an email sent by the university, students should avoid large gatherings and adhere to COVID-19 precautions. Students are encouraged to spend fall break on campus if possible. 

Holding a mid semester recess can be good for the university, despite the COVID-19 concerns.

“From both a former student and professional standpoint, it is helpful and beneficial to have a Fall Break. From a mental health perspective, it is important especially with a semester like never before. I know it was a difficult decision but I believe the Concordia leaders made the right choice,” said McCarragher. 

To learn more about COVID-19 updates on the Concordia Campus, visit

Written By Ashley Brooks 

Categories: Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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