Concordia In-Person Classes Will Be Optional After Thanksgiving

The university announced in-person classes after Thanksgiving break will be optional for students, and all final exams for the fall semester will be held online. 

The university is offering students the choice to give each them the authority to make the best decision for their education and health. If a student decides to go online for the remainder of the semester after the Thanksgiving break, they will be doing so through the online medium, Zoom. 

“The goal of giving the student the choice was to lower the number of people on campus after a longer holiday,” Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. William Cario said. “We are hoping to minimize the spread of COVID by this measure.” 

Finals will also be shifting to online online for most students.

“With very rare exceptions, we found that final experiences could be delivered virtually,” Dr. Cario said. 

Reducing the amount of students in person may help with the potential spread of COVID, but it will introduce a new demand from a technological perspective. 

“Concordia’s IT Office, led by Mr. Thomas Phillip, has been able to assure us that we will have the classroom technology in all classrooms to make this work,” Dr. Cario said.  

According to Cario, with the shift in classes approaching and the high technological demands, students have been flexible in their efforts to obtain an education in very obscure times. 

“I have been very impressed by the flexibility and the commitment that Concordia students have shown this fall as we transitioned to a blended face-to-face/virtual learning environment,” said Dr. Cario. “Those qualities will serve you well in the future no matter where you find yourself in terms of your vocations.” 

For more information regarding COVID-19 plans and restrictions for the fall semester, visit

Written by Tyler Schellinger.

Categories: Administration, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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