Athletic teams face fall season changes

Some athletic teams got the chance to compete and/or practice in the fall, with anticipation of having their seasons take place in the future.

This fall practice season allowed teams who would normally compete at this time a chance to participate in some capacity. Athletic teams had to follow CDC guidelines and undergo COVID testing. 

The women’s volleyball team normally competes in the fall, but did not get the opportunity to compete against opponents.

“It was good to get back on the court since we didn’t get to train last spring,” said junior libero Madelyn Alton. “Personally, I got to work on a lot of things in the back row and focus on things I needed to improve on. As a team, it was good to be competitive and be back on the court together.” 

Team practices varied in style during the semester.

“We got to break it down and focus on mechanics and specifics,” said Alton. “Coming into it, I think our coaches were prepared to get the most out of what we could with such a short ‘season’. When we got into high contact practices, we definitely had more intense practices and obviously the team wanted to have that due to having such a short practice season.” 

This fall season also allowed some teams to get extra practice. All athletic teams who competed in the spring lost their season last year due to COVID. The fall provided the opportunity for teams to get back together and play the sport they love. The Men’s lacrosse team is one example. 

“This fall was a little unorthodox, but we made it work,” said senior captain Keijo Day. “We got better as a squad and we got to do things we don’t normally get to do while doing stick work and shaking off the rust.”

The altered practices did prove difficult but also provided opportunities to persevere.

“The biggest challenge for us was not being able to practice as a whole squad all the time. We had to do small group work which makes it hard to build chemistry and go over team concepts,” said Day. “Overall, we made the most of our situation.” 

Despite the challenges and difficulties of this fall ‘season,’ many teams were grateful for the opportunity to be back on the field, court or ice. 

“I don’t think we could’ve done anything different. With the circumstances we faced, I think we did a really good job,” said Day.

Written By Alex Loding

Categories: Athletics

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