Concordia Switches In-Person December Commencement Ceremony to Online

In early October, Concordia announced they will hold the December 2020 commencement ceremony virtually due to the recent number of COVID-19 cases throughout the state. 

According to Concordia’s Chief Academic Advisor, Dr. William Cario, Concordia’s President Dr. Patrick Ferry met with Concordia leaders to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on an in-person graduation ceremony. 

Concordia’s Assistant Vice President of Academics for Student Success, Dr. Elizabeth Polzin, said Concordia leaders worked diligently to find a way to keep the commencement ceremony in-person. At one point, holding the ceremony outside was considered. However, due to winter weather, it was not ideal. 

“We looked at a number of venues to hold the ceremony at,” said Polzin. “At one point we were  looking at Miller Park as an option for holding the ceremony. However, it is outdoors so it would be tough to use for a December commencement.” 

Due to the cancellation of the spring 2020 commencement ceremony being cancelled, 2020 Spring graduates are invited to attend the December commencement.

Dr. Polzin said many of the spring graduates will be attending the ceremony  virtually. She believes the December commencement ceremony is a way to celebrate the achievements of both 2020 fall and spring graduates.  

The university is still undecided whether or not the 2021 spring commencement ceremony will be virtual or in person.  

“It’s been really tough planning for the Spring ceremony because we do not know if  COVID-19 will be an issue or not,” said Polzin. “Back in March, most of us did not think COVID-19  would still be a problem for the December ceremony.” 

 According to both Cario and Polzin, the decision of whether the spring ceremony will be held in-person or online has yet to be decided.

President Ferry and faculty will meet over the next few months to determine if it is safe to proceed with an in-person ceremony.

Written By Ashley Brooks 

Categories: Administration, Community, Student Life

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