University isolation rooms allow students to remain on campus during the pandemic

The university has created on-campus isolation rooms as part of their strategy to remain open for in-person classes and on-campus life during COVID-19. 

These rooms are designed for students to stay in isolation on campus if they have contracted COVID-19. Students who have contracted the virus must either stay in these rooms for 10 days or go to their home for 10 days.

Students who have been exposed to the virus, but have not contracted it are required to stay in their residence hall room or go home for 14 days. 

Students are required to attend classes virtually via Zoom. Through Concordia’s on-campus dining partnership with Sodexo, students are delivered meals from the Dining Hall at each meal time.   

Concordia sophomores Julia Spangler and Claudia Baginski are currently in quarantine and were appreciative of the on-campus programs to help them through this unusual time. 

According to Spangler and Baginski, university professors have been understanding and receiving food to their dorms has been great, although they do wish more food options were available.

Besideds attending classes virtually, Baginski and Spangler have found different ways to keep busy in a time with not a lot to do. 

“Honestly it’s been nice to have fewer distractions, I’ve been able to get a lot of homework done,” said Spangler. “Our symptoms aren’t terrible besides the fatigue, so it hasn’t affected our schoolwork much at all.”

Written by Sophia Griffin

Categories: Student Life

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