The Challenges of Concordia Professors Teaching Virtually During a Pandemic

Associate Professor for Student Enrollment and Engagement and Assistant Vice President of Academics for Student Success Elizabeth Polzin has been affected by COVID-19 in multiple facets of her life.

When the university moved to being fully virtual last spring, Polzin had to quickly adapt to various changes.

She had to first adapt to teaching virtually. 

“Because you’re thrown into it so quickly, you don’t have time to say, how do I teach in a pandemic,” said Polzin. “Nobody knows, we haven’t had to do that before.”

In addition to getting used to virtual teaching, Polzin also had to balance her home life of being a mother to two children. 

“Both of my kids were in school or daycare and they went virtually. This meant I was a full-time professional at home with two children,” Polzin said.

The pandemic brought challenges for Polzin and her husband. They had to balance their day jobs with their home responsibilities at the same time. 

“When I go to work, I am at work,” said Polzin. Now I am working in my bedroom, but I am still on 24/7 as ‘work’ Liz and ‘mom’ Liz.”

Polzin embodies one type of university employee changing her routine with little notice.

Written By Emma Ebeling

Categories: Faculty and Staff

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