Students continue university “tradition” of spring engagements

Concordia students Jack Mueller and Brenna Doverspike got engaged on Dec. 4th, 2020 at the Downtown Wauwatosa Village. The couple met in the spring of 2019 during their sophomore year at CUW.

Couples get engaged each year after meeting in Concordia’s halls. At the parent send off each fall, President Ferry tells everyone gathered to look to their left and their right, as they may be sitting next to their future in-laws. 

Though neither one was aware of Concordia’s reputation of matchmaking when they enrolled, Jack and Brenna quickly caught on to the trend.

As soon as he realized this possibility Jack started looking for his wife.

Brenna had always assumed she would find her spouse at college, but she was not on the hunt. 

“Before I met Jack, I’d had enough of boys,” Doverspike said. “I was done.” 

Like most couples, Jack and Brenna started out as friends. They were involved with the Youth Ministry Group on campus and knew a lot of the same people, so it was inevitable that they would spend time together. 

“Brenna had always thought I was really cute and often asked to hang out with me,” said Mueller. “After I came to my senses and finally asked her out, we started dating a week later.” 

After being together for just over a year, Jack popped the question and the two have set a date for their wedding next fall. They are now juggling student teaching, clinicals, in addition to planning their special day.

 “We can’t predict what’s going to happen,” said Doverspike. “But everything has been going well so far.”

Love at the university runs in the Mueller family. Jack’s uncle got engaged to his aunt in the bluff gazebo on campus in 1986.

For other couples who may be just starting out, or those ready to move on to matrimony, the future Mueller’s have this advice for a healthy relationship.

“Don’t keep anything from each other. Communication is key.”

Written By Madelyne Arrigoni

Categories: Student Life

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