CUW continues to offer students resources to deal with mental health during the pandemic

COVID-19 has made college experience for both students and staff challenging. To help with the added stress of a pandemic, Concordia offers counseling and other therapy tools. 

According to Science Daily, U.S. college students struggled with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders at higher rates than the general population.

Director of Counseling at Concordia Dave Enters said there has been an increase in counselors due to the pandemic. 

“There has been an increase in the number of students seeking counseling,” said Enters. “To keep up with the demand we have spaced out sessions every other week and we have hired an extra part-time counselor in the Fall.” 

The office of the Counseling Center is located in Albrecht 111. They offer free counseling sessions that run for either 25 or 50 minutes. There are no session limits, and they are offered to Concordia students only.

Outside of the Counseling Center, the university added another space to help manage the ongoing stress levels for students and staff. “Evelyn’s Place” was created last Spring. It is named in honor of previous Concordia housekeeper Evelyn, who created a safe space for students by being a listening ear when needed.

“Evelyn’s Place” has technology to teach stress management and resilience training. It also includes massage chairs, weight blankets, comfort carpets, and no fluorescent lights for a softer experience. 

Concordia Director of Residence Life Becky Kruse said “Evelyn’s Place” is a great place to practice the concept of self-control. 

“There are visual and audio prompts given through desktop or that connect to phones through Bluetooth. They start with deep breathing, then help shift your mindset to the thing that you’re grateful for,” said Kruse. “I think one of the neat things about it is it gives others the opportunity to look at the things that are out of control, and realize we can control what is going on inside us.” 

“Evelyn’s Place” is open 24 hours for students and staff. To schedule an appointment or get more information about the Counseling Center, click here.

Written By Angelica Rocha

Categories: Student Life

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