Concordia Celebrates Black History Month by Highlighting Black Female CUW Students

Two Concordia Black female students are trailblazing a path of service, using their past experiences to build bright futures for others.

Junior Olivia, majoring in communications sciences and disorders program, plans to become a speech language pathologist after a major head injury affected her speech. 

In her hometown of Green Bay, Olivia founded the non-profit “Friends of Cover Pool” at age 12.

“When I was 12 years old, the pool that was a staple in the community for over 50 years, was about to be shut down. The pool was owned by the city, and no money was put into it,” said Olivia. “Me being so passionate about the pool and it being a part of not just my childhood but other people’s childhood in the community, I wanted to try to preserve that.”

Olivia’s non-profit raised over $1 million to fund the rebuilding for the pool. Thanks to Friends of Cover Pool, the improvements were completed this past summer and it is still a significant piece of the community. 

Sophomore Rayanna from Milwaukee, studying social work and photography, also has contributed to her community in meaningful ways. 

“I’m proud of myself and how I’ve grown as a leader in different leadership roles and programs. Also, I am proud of where I am today, just by working hard,” Rayanna said. 

After graduating from Concordia, Rayanna hopes to continue her role as leader by working at an adoption agency or the foster care system to help children and families.

Both students have been inspired by strong women in their lives. The act of serving others is what Olivia and Rayanna have done and will continue to do.

To learn more about Black History Month at Concordia, click here. 

By Angelica Rocha 

Categories: Student Life

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