Concordia Pharmacy Students Discuss The Importance of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Concordia pharmacy students Aaron Muchenberger and Olivia Boelk understand the importance and technology of the new COVID-19 vaccines offered to the public. 

According to Muchenberger, vaccines typically take up to 15 years to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition to that, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are the first mRNA vaccines to be approved by the FDA. The vaccine has also been up to 95% effective since it was approved by the FDA. 

“The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer are important because they showcase revolutionary vaccine technology,” Muchenberger said. 

Muchenberger also said the molecular code needed to make the protein needed in the vaccine was available since some of the early cases of the virus.

Pharmacy student Olivia Boelk also said the vaccine is important in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Boelk said the vaccine will help more people become immune to the virus, and she recommends that all people should get the vaccine when it becomes available to them.

Written By Hannah Conger

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