Concordia Residence Life is Creating New Ways for Students to Build Relationships

Concordia Resident Directors Em Perron and Kyle McCarragher have set new goals for the semester, as new Resident Assistant interviews and room selections for CUW students are in the near future. 

This past semester, Residence Life created flexible goals for its staff because of changes in Resident Directors and new COVID-19 guidelines. Now that the guidelines are changing, new programs and ideas have been implemented in each resident hall. 

Like most Freshman residence halls, Heidelberg offers a unique community setting where students are brought together to form new relationships and build connections. 

Perron believes celebrating personal diversity and individuality is the central goal of this next semester. Through the use of a Heidelberg Instagram and an upcoming talent show, her staff continues to build community. 

“It makes for really funny moments too. That’s the best thing about residence life, it is about those little moments where we help each other navigate life,” Perron said.

As each residence hall builds a community that is tailored toward the students living in that particular location, a positive and supportive atmosphere for students is important.

McCarragher is directing both Coburg and Augsburg and has goals for community building in both. He has approached this year with a support-centered attitude. 

“I loved the idea of being able to connect with students as they begin to navigate things like adulthood and as they look towards finding careers, jobs, and just helping them navigate those types of situations and scenarios,” McCarragher said. 

His goal for Coburg is to make residents feel comfortable supporting one another and rejoicing in each other’s successes. The Coburg halls approach the idea of community by celebrating existing relationships and strengthening them as a support system as students prepare for life after college.

Residence Life has a hall for different backgrounds, including incoming students looking to build new relationships or upperclassmen with a developed group of friends. 

Written By Nora Rudzinski 

Categories: Student Life

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