CUW Welcomes Students from West Coast after the Closure of Concordia Portland Last Year

Honey Rose Macatuno and Ayana Ramberg, both senior nursing students, transferred to Concordia University Wisconsin after Concordia University Portland closed last spring. 

Both Macatuno and Ramberg struggled to find a school who would help them continue their degree and graduate on time without retaking any classes. 

“Once you are accepted into the program, it is expected that you finish it with your cohort. After finding out about the closure, I felt very uncertain about the next steps needed to finish my degree,” Ramberg said. 

Macatuno had similar fears about not finding a school that could help her finish her degree. 

“Each school I looked into had unique programs, so I knew it was going to be difficult to transfer,” said Macatuno. “Some wanted me to start over while some wanted me to repeat classes and graduate at a later time.” 

Though neither student had CUW at the top of their list, both were drawn by Concordia’s academic advisors and nursing faculty who helped them transition into their senior year.

“I initially told myself that I would go anywhere except Wisconsin,” said Ramberg. “But the Transfer Admissions Office at CUW was very persistent in letting us Portland students know that we were wanted.” 

CUW was one of the only schools working to provide the transfer students with in-person classes and clinicals. 

Though it meant driving halfway across the country, both girls had a relatively smooth transition process.

“I road tripped here with my whole family, which took almost 32 hours,” said Ramberg. “I remember driving up to campus and seeing the massive lake. I knew that the campus was on a lake and had seen pictures, but it is far prettier in person. Everyone was so sweet when I got here, and it was a very welcoming environment.”

With one semester at CUW completed and one remaining, both girls feel at home in the nursing program and on campus.

“I love it here. The campus is beautiful, and the people are so nice,” Macatuno said.

“Moving here was a leap of faith and God has provided beyond what I thought possible. I have had many opportunities to get involved on campus and feel that I have made the most of my transfer experience,” Ramberg said.

Written By Madelyne Arrigoni

Categories: Administration, Community, Faculty and Staff, Student Life

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