CUW Students of Color Want a Counselor of Color Added to the Counseling Center

The stress of living in a pandemic and social justice issues has led to an increased need of counselors, including at CUW.

Student members of the Black Student Union Freshman Hayat Ibrahim and sophomore Rayanna Stamps feel the need at the university.

Ibrahim said some days on campus are uncomfortable for her because of the current social justice issues. She hopes to have a safe space for black students to attend.

“I thought Evelyn’s Place was specifically made for black mental health, but it’s not. Given there aren’t any other additional resources for black students, I hope the school can create one,” she said.

Stamps said not having counselors of color makes seeking help more difficult for black students and other students of color. 

“Since last year, my friends and I talked about that and how we probably would not feel comfortable talking to a counselor that’s white. My friends felt they just wouldn’t understand,” said Stamps. “If Concordia does have the funding to hire additional counselors of color, then it would help students relate and want to get counseling more.” 

According to ABC News Chicago, one study from Columbia University found the black community suffers more from mental health issues, but has less access to care.

On top of the mental health issues the pandemic has caused, there has been a call of social justice for the black community after the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and the shooting of Jacob Blake. 

Though Black History Month is coming to an end, some recommended films to get more information about Black History are The 13th, Just Mercy, and Judas and the Black Messiah.

Written By Angelica Rocha

Categories: Administration, Faculty and Staff

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